Blonde Latina Carmen Caliente Teases with Bubble Butt | Nuru Massage

Scene Title: Ass Up, Bolster Out!

Description: Zac Wild is at home chilling on the couch. He waits eagerly for his guest to arrive as he plays with his phone. When the doorbell rings, he opens the door to find Carmen Caliente looking sexy as fuck. She’s so excited to see him, she wore the tightest shorts she could wrap around her delicious booty. He invites her in and asks her to walk in front of him so he can check out what she’s working with. Carmen is more than happy to comply as she shakes her booty teasing him playfully. He leads her to his massage area and Carmen is floored at how beautiful the room is; the setup is perfect! Zac tells her it’s time get naked and Carmen eagerly peels her shorts and tight little tank top off in a flash. She hops in the shower asking Zac to come join her. He can’t get his clothes off quickly enough as she turns on the warm water and starts lathering her luscious body. He jumps in and wastes no time grabbing her ass as she giggles it in front of him. She lathers his body covering every inch before she starts stroking his cock. When she announces that the massage has officially started she takes his dick and puts it in her mouth. He returns the favor and starts playing with her pussy making her cum almost immediately. By the time they move to the mat, they almost forgot that they booked a massage!