Intimate Brunette and Redhead Massage – Lesbian Foot Fetish- All Girl Massage

Scene Title: Lazy Morning Massage

Description: It’s the first time that Cassidy Klein is away from her twin sister Carmen who took a vacation with her husband. Cassidy is asked to house sit while they are gone and takes this as an opportunity to relax and help out her twin sister Carmen. Walking into the house, she finds a note from her sister thanking her for taking care of the place and mentions she left a check for her troubles. Cassidy searches the table but doesn’t see any check, but she does find a coupon for a free massage. Cassidy doesn’t think her twin sister would mind her redeeming it; it’s going to expire before she gets back anyway.

Jamie Langford smiles from cheek to cheek, watching her client walk through door. Cassidy shows the coupon to Jamie, wondering if she can take her on such short notice, but Jamie finds Cassidy’s acting strange since she is the one who gave her the coupon! Once Cassidy realizes that Jamie mistakes her for her sister, she totally plays it out.

Showing her downstairs to the massage room, Cassidy is asked to remove all her clothing and lie on the massage table. Even though Cassidy thinks her sister has a lot of explaining to do, she doesn’t want her cover to be blown, so she just rolls with it. When Jamie rubs Cassidy’s back and ass, the twin impostor wants to know if this is something Jamie does on a regular basis. But ass rubbing is Carmen’s favorite part. Jamie moves her hands down towards Cassidy’s feet, rubbing her heels and toes one by one. Jamie, moves her hands towards Cassidy’s shaved pussy and boobs. Cassidy’s not expecting this, but she likes the feeling of Jamie’s fingers rubbing against her twat. Cassidy needs to get her rocks off. And hey, she deserves it. House sitting is hard work!