Teen Brunette Freya Parker Learns to Love Herself at Nuru Massage

Scene Title: Learning To Love Yourself

Description: Freya Parker, a budding scientist, excitedly tells her chemistry teacher/mentor, Brad Newman, that she thinks she’s FINALLY cracked the formula of a substance she’s been working on: a liquid designed to eliminate friction between objects. The thing is, right now it’s only designed to work on skin. Even so, Brad is stunned by the discovery since this is HUGE… but he’s even MORE stunned when Freya asks if he’ll test it with her.

After some convincing, in the name of science, Brad agrees to test out the discovery. They decide to test the effectiveness of the substance by covering their naked bodies in the substance and rubbing their bodies against each other. In preparation, Brad says he will go get an air mattress, just to make things easier for them.

Once Brad returns and the mattress is set up, they both get naked. Although they try to hide it, they both like the looks of the other’s body and secretly try to shake off their momentary lust. But once Freya straddles Brad and begins rubbing her body along his, the lust becomes harder to ignore… especially mixed with the excitement of the substance actually working!

Soon enough, although they both entered the experiment with science in mind, it’s clear that something ELSE is on their brains and finally has to be taken care of, too.