Blonde and Brunette Milfs Indulge in Sensual All Girl Massage

Scene Title: Masseuse Appreciation Day

Description: Buxom health inspector Bridgette B walks into the massage parlor, looking preoccupied and annoyed. She looks at her watch and sighs. Petite masseuse Christy Love walks into the room apologizing that she kept her waiting. Bridgette stares at her with a look of disdain and reminds her that their meeting was for 1 o’clock sharp and no later. When Christy responds that it’s 1:02 pm, Bridgette just blankly stares at her and then starts looking around stating that her place of business looks like a mess. Christy tries to explain that she was just tidying up, but Bridgette cuts her off, telling Christy that she’ll have a look at the back if that’s not too much trouble for her. Christy motions her to follow her and Bridgette just walks past her scoffing.

In the back room, Bridgette looks around and rolls her eyes; it’s a mess! Christy tells her she was in the process of cleaning her place because they’ve been busy lately, but Bridgette just looks at her, prompting her to stop talking. When Christy finally shuts her mouth Bridgette reminds her that they booked this inspection two weeks ago and she has had plenty of time to prepare. In response, Christy meekly says that she wished she had more time. Bridgette looks at Christy right in the eyes and offers her an ultimatum: what is she willing to do to pass this inspection? Christy says she’ll do anything, she’ll even have sex with her. Bridgette looks surprised, she was just hinting that she wanted a massage on the house! But sex is even better. The masseuse is relieved, she can give a massage on the house. But it’s too late! Now that Bridgette knows sex is an option, she doesn’t want just a massage anymore… although she’s taking that, too!

Bridgette lifts her skirt, revealing her shaved pussy. Climbing up onto the massage table, she spreads her tanned legs and motions for Christy to start. Christy begins to eat Bridgette’s pussy enthusiastically. Before long, Bridgette is convulsing in ecstasy, grinding her pussy on Christy’s face as she cums intensely. Bridgette congratulates her on a good job and reminds her that it’s massage time. Bridgette takes off the remainder of her clothes, unveiling her spectacular tits. She lies down on her chest as Christy pours oil on her back, expertly massaging the health inspector. Bridgette prompts her to give her luscious ass some attention. Christy does what she’s told, working Bridgette’s firm bottom. When she flips onto her back, Christy makes sure not to miss an inch of Bridgette’s massive breasts, pouring oil on them as she squeezes them eagerly. Soon Christy decides that it’s time for her to get naked too to make sure that Bridgette gets the best service possible, and her clothes fall to the floor. Bridgette is impressed by the masseuse’s tight body. As Christy climbs up onto the massage table and kisses Bridgette’s tits slowly and delicately, the inspector directs her to go…lower. Christy moves down between her legs and begins to lick Bridgette’s pussy again. Christy may have made the inspector cum once already, but Bridgette is about to show the masseuse that for her to pass the inspection, her work is just beginning…