Blonde Lesbians Dee & Erica Give Nuru Rubdown – Nuru Massage

Scene Title: My Daughter Will Rub You

Description: Dee Williams and Erica Lauren haven’t seen each other in a long time. The girls are catching up on what’s new with their lives. Erica can’t emphasize enough about how great her new life is, being a newlywed. However, there is one small problem: Erica is worried about her step-son, Justin Hunt. All he does is play video games and she’s never seen him with a girl. When Dee proposes that she brings her stepson to her massage parlor, Erica is reluctant. She’s heard stories about what happens at those places.

Dee laughs and states that not all massage parlors are the same and she promises that she’ll take care of him. Erica agrees and the appointment is set: 3 o’clock sharp tomorrow afternoon. When they arrive at the appointment, Justin is wondering where the massage table is. Dee tells him that it’s a special type of message and they don’t need a table. She explains that the first step is removing the toxins from his body and that they need to enter the shower together to do so. He looks at his step-mom, who is confused, but she assures him that it’s all on the up and up.

Dee takes off her dress and asks him to remove his clothing. He agrees, reluctantly. They enter the shower together and Dee turns on the water as Erica sits down to watch. Justin is weirded out that his step-mom is there but once Dee starts massaging his body he gets comfortable quickly. The girls make eye contact and can’t believe how big his dick is. It’s clear that they’re both getting turned on. Dee motions for Erica to get undressed and join them. She doesn’t waste a moment taking off her clothes to do so. They sit him down and start sucking his big cock. When the next phase begins, they lie him down and oil his body. Then, Dee starts sliding her body all over him. They turn him over and Dee sits on his dick while Erica sits on his face. The women provide the experience he needs to finally become a man. At last, they jerk him off and he explodes with enthusiasm!