Hot College Babe Ariana Marie Gets Her Throat Destroyed

Scene Title: Throat Fucks #05, Scene #03

Description: Hey guys,

Cheerleaders. Do I even need to say any more? Those short skirts, limber bodies, and a big ol’ pair of pom-poms bouncing around. This cute little chick Ariana came by for a massage and even though she wasn’t in her uniform, her skirt was certainly short enough and those pom-poms were definitely bouncing! Once I find out that she’s going to the same college my girlfriend coaches cheerleading at, that gives me an easy ‘in’. And by ‘in’, I mean my dick ‘in’ that hot pink mouth of hers. I tell her that if she wants to get on the squad she’s got to play nice, and once Ariana knows the score, you can bet she changes her tune. She does a great job of cheering my dick on as I push it all the way down her throat, and blast my jizz all over that sweet, impressionable face of hers. I think I even came up with a new cheer for her to try out. ‘Gimme a D! ‘D’!’ Yep, I gave her my D all right!