Hot Redhead Lacy Lennon Gets Wet and Wild with Seth Gamble on Nuru Massage

Scene Title: What Husband?

Description: Lacy Lennon, a masseuse who runs a home massage parlor is arguing with her boyfriend. She is accusing him of taking her for granted and not paying attention to her. After he leaves, she gets an idea on how to teach him a lesson.

Later that day, Lacy welcomes her latest client, Seth Gamble. She has upgraded his standard massage to a NURU, which seems to be a part of her plan. As they step into the shower, she leaves the bathroom door open on purpose.

The shower quickly turns erotic and Lacy begins to suck Seth’s dick.

Suddenly, before Seth can react, Lacy calls her boyfriend, who walks into the room a moment later. He comes around to the front of the shower. But just as he is about to get an eyeful of Lacy sucking Seth’s dick, he takes off his glasses, complaining that they are all fogged up from the shower steam. He’s standing directly in front of Lacy and Seth, but he doesn’t react.

Lacy (still on her knees with Seth’s dick in her hand) seems disappointed for some reason, mentioning aloud that her boyfriend can’t see ANYTHING without his glasses. Seth is frozen, stunned. Soon, her boyfriend leaves. Lacy sighs with exasperation. Seth is confused, but Lacy tells him not to worry and continues sucking his cock.

Eventually, Lacy finishes up the shower and leads Seth into the living room, where she body slides on Seth in an increasingly erotic way.

Lacy sucks his cock for a bit before she slides up. She tells him that she wants him to eat her pussy and hastily sits on his face in the 69 position. As they 69, Lacy moans, purposefully getting louder and louder until eventually she screams ‘OH Seth!’

Almost immediately, Lacy’s boyfriend pokes his head into the living room doorway. Lacy pops Seth’s dick out of her mouth and gets into an upright position, still sitting on Seth’s face. Much to Lacy’s disappointment, the living room couch blocks her boyfriend’s full view. All he sees is Lacy’s top half, so he is none the wiser to the fact that Lacy is sitting on Seth’s face.

Her boyfriend asks Lacy if she called him. She says no, she called Seth’s name. Lacy, realizing in frustration that he can’t see what’s going on, asks him to come closer so she can talk to him without shouting, but her boyfriend waves her off saying that’s all he wanted to know and that it’s fine, he’ll leave them to the massage now. He exits the room.

Seth is utterly shocked. If he didn’t know any better, he would think that Lacy’s TRYING to get caught!