Nikki Knightly and Tommy Pistol Experience Sensual Nuru Gel Pleasure

Scene Title: Red On Red

Description: Nikki Knightly and Tommy Pistol have been such good friends for a really long time. Tommy has been meaning to call her and Nikki feels into it, even though they’re friends they’re willing to see what’s gonna happen. Tommy seems a little nervous, but they’re both excited. Nikki enjoys her job an awful lot, and Tommy seems down for anything. Before Nikki has him completely undressed, his cock starts to stand at attention making him even more nervous, but Nikki’s expert Nuru massage techniques soon have him tantalised and calmed into a state of bliss. Suddenly everything is gonna be ok, as they begin cooing at one another under Nikki’s touch. She begins stroking his hard cock in the bath, making sure he’s comfortable before she sucks it. Their chemistry really shows off how close they are, and how excited they both are to be trying this for the first time. Nikki glides her slippery sexy body from head to toe over his body, playing with her nipples and pussy, cause the sexual tension is so high. Before too long, these friends are so horny that Nikki can’t resist the temptation to shove his dick inside her well gelled pussy, and slip around so seductively that he cums all over her pussy. They’re both surprised they waited this long for such a good fuck.