Intense Lesbian Nuru Massage with Vanessa Veracruz and Peyton Coast

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Scene Title: The Rekindling

Description: When Peyton Coast asks her friend Vanessa Veracruz for anniversary ideas to celebrate with her boyfriend, Vanessa Veracruz talks her into giving him a NURU massage. Peyton’s intrigued when Vanessa shows her the set up in her bedroom. Beside the mattress covered in plastic is a bowl of thick, viscous liquid that Vanessa says, feels unbelievable on the skin. She explains that she just gave her boyfriend one yesterday. Since Vanessa wants Peyton to have the best anniversary possible, she offers to show her what it’s all about. Peyton takes off her top and her bra, then her panties. Peyton is so excited, she can hardly wait for Vanessa to remove her shirt before reaching out to touch her boobs. The girls make a pact not to tell their boyfriends. Peyton lies on the mattress, on her stomach facing down. First Vanessa drizzles the thick, sticky NURU gel all over Peyton’s porcelain skinned back, smoothes it over her buttocks, and rubs it over her thighs and calves. The sunkissed masseuse coats herself with the gel. As she’s about to place her body on Peyton, she warns her friend there will be a sensation. Peyton starts moaning right away from the pleasurable weight of Vanessa’s body, the suctioning of the gel, and the heat coming off Vanessa’s naked pussy as she massages herself into her friend. Both girls are fully in heat from the friction, when Vanessa turns Peyton over onto her back, kissing her while sliding all over Peyton’s pussy. She spreads Peyton’s legs wide open, and lowers her mouth over her pink opening. With a flick of her tongue, she makes Peyton cum. Peyton goes down on Vanessa and gets her back, before Vanessa climbs on top and scissors Peyton energetically, tribbing their lesbian pussies until they succumb! Happy Anniversary!