Nuru Massage: Skylar Snow and Derrick Pierce Get Lucky!

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Scene Title: You Two Are Lucky

Description: Skylar Snow is visited by her parent-in-law, Derrick Pierce, to help take care of some house chores. After they’re done, Skylar chats with Derrick, wanting to pick his brain. Skylar has recently completed her massage certification, but needs help with advanced techniques. Since Derrick is a retired massage therapist, she’s hoping to get some valuable pointers from him.

Derrick is happy to chat, just wanting to help, especially when Skylar mentions needing advice on what she can do to be competitive in the market. That’s when Derrick brings up nuru massages, which he knows is lucrative. Since Skylar has never heard of it before, she asks him to teach her about it. After a moment’s hesitation, he agrees. They decide to get together another day once they have all the supplies together… This should be interesting!

A few days later, Skylar has everything prepared when Derrick arrives. Derrick begins to guide her through the process but as soon as they both strip down, there is a spark of attraction between them. Despite this, they shrug it off and try to keep things platonic and professional — they’re FAMILY, after all.

After Skylar slathers nuru oil all over herself, making her naked body glisten, they begin. With Derrick’s encouragement, she begins body sliding all over him, which only turns that spark into a raging fire. As much as they try to hold back, the attraction is too much to resist and they give into their desires.